Tankist Torah Mantel

When the management of 770, headquarters of Chabad Lubavitvch comes to Prestige Embroidery we say YES!

We bh had the privilege of refurbishing the Tankist Torah Mantel.  We were asked to preserve as much of the leather as possible. See how we managed to get the job done. The Lubavitcher Rebbe later designed the Childrens's Unity Sefer Torah to be similar to this.  

Children from across the globe living in different cultures come together through this Torah. Children, the Torah tells us, are considered to be pure and without sin. Thus the Children’s unity, through the Torah, is much purer than a unity between those who are older.That's what's so special about every Jewish child having his or her very own letter in the Children's Torah Scroll. It ties all the Jewish people together stronger and tighter to each other and to our precious Torah. And shows us that we are all important to each other.

We were privileged to make a Torah Mantel using the Rebbe's artwork for a special Boy Chaim Shneur Zalman Hacohen A"H.