This is Rabbi Shmuly Borenstein who, along with his wife Esther, owns and runs Prestige Embroidery where they and their staff decorate religious articles like tallis & tefillin bags, Sabbath and holiday home articles, charity bags, etc.

In morning prayers the “Oz Yoshir” is recited. It’s the song the Jews sang after going through the parted Red Sea. The second sentence of that prayer says, “This is my Lord and I will glorify Him.” The commentator Rashi writes that the root of the word "glorify" - "veanveyhu" - is “noy” meaning "beauty" which Rashi interprets to mean that we should do mitzvahs with much beauty.

For the JEWS OF CROWN HEIGHTS, doing mitzvah extras is the norm.

As the son of a Lubavitch emissary born in Bologna, Italy, Rabbi Borenstein jokes that his products are authentic Italian designs.

By: Ira Berger